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Τήνος ``Η Μούσα των Κυκλάδων``

Tinos has always charmed visitors with its traditional yet lively villages. As you wander through them, you can see and feel the innate artistic temperament which remains alive and very much evident in everyday life as well as in traditions.

Nature has also worked its magic here in Tinos and has created many unforgettable attractions for visitors to see.

One of the most significant characteristics of Tinos is the rich artistic tradition especially in the field of marble sculpting. Numerous famous Greek artists particularly sculptors have been born in Tinos and many continue to live and work here creating a legacy all Greece is proud of.

This artistic talent is most evident in the 600 private chapels and 700 pigeon houses scattered throughout the island as well as in the sculptured marble bell towers and the sculpted marble air vents above the windows and doors.

Tinos has numerous popular tourist destinations. The following are a few:


Perhaps the most popular destination of Tinos is its largest and most beautiful village, Pyrgos.It is the birthplace of the greatest Greek sculptor, Gianoulis Halepas, as well as numerous others. Pyrgos is a living work of art with its charming narrow streets and its delightful little sculptures scattered amongst the well-kept, colorful village houses.

The School of Arts is also found here where young sculptors, and artists in general, train to become the next generation of cultural leaders. Finally, in the Museum of Marble, you can see the history of marble in Tinos and role it played in creating today’s Tinos.


Found in the centre of a huge crater and surrounded by giant rounded granite boulders, Volax is a unique and still unexplained phenomenon which impresses all visitors.

This delightful little village is home to the best basket weavers .Various theatrical events take place here during the summer festival in the outdoor stone theater and there is a fascinating folklore museum to spend an interesting afternoon in.


Monastiri (convent), built in the 10th century, has been home to many nuns but one in particular stands out. Saint Pelagia witnessed a miracle in this convent and as a result was ordained a saint after her death. The celebrations which take place here on July 23 in her name  are an important event in the Orthodox calendar.

Agios Fokas

Agios Fokas is the longest and the most popular beach near the town of Tinos. You can find lots of taverns, beach bars and restaurants here and it is the perfect place to enjoy your summer swim. The wide sandy beach is perfect for exercising or just relaxing next to the waves.